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Alternative forms[edit]


Named as a result of an Australian national competition. The name was chosen in part for its similarity to Marmite.


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Proper noun[edit]


  1. (Australia, New Zealand) An Australian food paste made from brewersyeast.
    • 1998, Desiree Webber, Travel the Globe: Multicultural Story Times[1], page 5:
      This story introduces the reader to Australian food. A baby possum named Hush eats many kinds of food to become visible again after Grandma Poss uses magic to make him invisible. He even eats a vegemite sandwich.
    • 2007, Jeanne Jacob, Michael Ashkenazi, The World Cookbook for Students: Afghanistan to Cook Islands, page 48,
      Breakfast tends to be substantial, with eggs, steak or sausages, toast, sometimes baked beans or chips; Vegemite (a vegetable-based salty spread) on toast.
    • 2007, Ron Davidson, Fremantle Impressions, Fremantle Press, page 60,
      Nunzio improves his prospects with members of the dominant team by swapping his salami or crayfish sandwiches for ‘more normal′ Australian Vegemite delights.
    • 2008, Robert Crawford, But Wait, There′s More...: A History of Australian Advertising, 1900-2000, Melbourne University Press, page 258,
      Such advertising campaigns have done more than merely sell Vegemite, Mortein or cricket; they have played an important role in reflecting and defining Australian national identity.

Derived terms[edit]