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Luxembourgish is a Germanic lect spoken in Luxembourg.

It is called Lëtzebuergesch by its speakers, Luxemburgisch in standard New High German, and Luxemburgs in Limburgish and Dutch.

Wiktionary considers it a distinct lect and assigns it the code "lb"; Luxembourgish words use the L2 header ==Luxembourgish== and are placed in subcategories of Category:Luxembourgish language.

Classification and status[edit]

Linguists disagree on whether Luxembourgish is a language or a dialect, and on where it fits into the family tree of West Germanic languages.

Some consider it a dialect of West Central High German, others see it as a separate language at the end of the West Central High German dialect continuum.[1][2]

Some think it is derived from Frankish[3], others consider it to be Moselle Franconian; some think Moselle Franconian is derived from Frankish[3], others consider Moselle Franconian to be West Central High German.[4]


The entries Baarmhäerzegkeet and fladderen show how Luxembourgish entries may be formatted.


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