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Based on a table from w:Phoenician alphabet.

Letter Unicode Name Meaning Phoneme Romanization
Aleph 𐤀‏ alf ox (ʾ) ʔ '
Beth 𐤁‏ bet house (b) b b
Gimel 𐤂‏ gaml camel (g) ɡ g
Daleth 𐤃‏ delt door (d) d d
He 𐤄‏ he window (h) h h
Waw 𐤅‏ wau hook (w) w w
Zayin 𐤆‏ zai weapon (z) z z
Heth 𐤇‏ het wall (ḥ) ħ ḥ (or h)
Teth 𐤈‏ tet wheel (ṭ) invalid IPA characters (ˤ), replace ˤ with ˁ ṭ (or t)
Yodh 𐤉‏ yod hand (y) j y
Kaph 𐤊‏ kaf palm (of a hand) (k) k k
Lamedh 𐤋‏ lamd goad (l) l l
Mem 𐤌‏ mem water (m) m m
Nun 𐤍‏ nun serpent (n) n n
Samekh 𐤎‏ semk fish (s) s s
Ayin 𐤏‏ ain eye (ʿ) ʕ '
Pe 𐤐‏ pe mouth (p) p p
Sadek 𐤑‏ sade hunt (ṣ) invalid IPA characters (ˤ), replace ˤ with ˁ ṣ (or s)
Qoph 𐤒‏ qof monkey (q) q q
Res 𐤓‏ rosh head (r) r r
Sin 𐤔‏ shin tooth (š) ʃ š (or sh)
Taw 𐤕‏ tau mark (t) t t