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Users that have the CheckUser privilege are able to inspect certain IP information pertaining to accused sock puppets and other disruptive use. WMF has strict guidelines on how and when this information can be accessed, and all nominees must read the entire guide before accepting a nomination.

In addition, all CheckUsers must identify themselves to the WikiMedia Foundation (i.e. e-mail a scan of their passport) as per the 11 April 2007 resolution.

To request a CheckUser, see Wiktionary:Requests for checkuser.

List of checkusers[edit]

See also: Special:ListUsers/checkuser, Past votes
User Appointed Time Zone Babel/Other notes
TheDaveRoss 2006 November UTC-5 en, es-3, la-1
Versageek 2008 September 16 UTC-5 en, es-1


New nominations[edit]

Add nominations here, using a typical voting format. As in the WT:A voting process the nominee must sign an indication of acceptance in order to be approved. Please read the Meta Check User policy before you agree or vote to be sure you know what you are agreeing to and voting for.