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Hello, I'm Versageek

Gimme my Transwiki Fix

I am a native speaker of English, but my grasp of the finer points of English grammar is less than it should be. After reading various Babel babble, I decided that a big part of being a 'native speaker' is knowing all the stuff that is not in the textbooks.

I hope to hone my knowledge of technical English grammar while working on the Wiktionary project.

I am a English Wiktionary Admin. I don't edit much here much anymore but when I do, my on-wiki focus is primarily housekeeping, recent changes, refurbishing entries where possible and deleting the nonsense which falls far short of meeting WT:CFI.


As of 20080916, I've been granted a checkuser bit here on English Wiktionary.
I thank you all for your confidence in my suitability for the task. I will do my best to deal with requests as quickly & accurately as possible. :)

Useful External Things

Useful Internal Things


  • 20070107 - 1500 main space edits & 1000 deletes


Some of my images from Commons:

The Colorful Stuff

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