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    • Attack page or other personally identifying info
    • Bad entry title
    • Copyright violation
    • Created in error
    • Creative invention or protologism: please see WT:CFI; use WT:LOP
    • Incomprehensible, meaningless or empty: please use the Sandbox
    • Misspelling of
    • No usable content given (please see WT:CFI, WT:EL)
    • Non-idiomatic sum-of-parts term: please see WT:SOP
    • Not dictionary material: please see WT:CFI
    • Promotional material
    • Technical deletion and/or vacating for move/merge
    • Unwanted redirect or transwiki
    • Vandalism
    • Deleted per RFD, RFDO; do not re-enter
    • Deleted per RFV; do not re-enter without valid citations
    • Inflection or subpage of deleted entry
    • Previously deleted/failed RFD or RFV
  • Other namespaces
    • Improper use of talk or citations page; compare Citations:hydrogen
    • Obsolete and orphaned template, documentation or subpage
    • Inappropriate user page; please see WT:USER
    • Permanently blocked user's page
    • Userspace page deleted on owner's request
    • Empty category
    • Citations moved to entry