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More equals signs please[edit]

We actually use the 1 equals sign to separate discussions by months in various project pages, but it is not worth getting worried about that


Oh gosh[edit]



Second heading[edit]

Test main


second 1 test



second 2 test

It might be a good idea[edit]

to move the link to this sandbox that's in the new user tutorial[edit]

to the top of the page (and do the same for all the pages)[edit]

I didn't see it until I'd already used the other sandbox for the "Tutorial (Formatting)" part (I'm assuming it can't possibly matter that I used the "wrong" sandbox unless sandboxes work very differently here than on WP, but presumably having a different one for each part of the tutorial must serve some sort of purpose that I'm simply not aware of...so I thought I would talk about it in a sandbox edit that no one is going to actually read...)[edit]