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Simple formatting[edit]

The layout as presented in the formatting page describes extensive structure with refined semantic relationships. IMHO a basic entry, still with the possibility to be extended, can be formatted as follows:

{{ws header}}

==English==                       (optional)


{{ws sense|definition}}           (heading level: 4)

{{ws beginlist}}
{{ws|word|definition or notes}}   (optional:definition or notes)
{{ws|another word}}
{{ws endlist}}

{{ws beginlist}}
{{ws|word|definition or notes}}
{{ws endlist}}

=====See also=====
{{ws beginlist}}
{{ws|word}}                       (linking to other Wikisaurus entries)
{{ws endlist}}

===External links===
* {{R:Roget 1911|activity}}
* {{R:Moby II|firstletter=a}}

I am definitely in favor of using ws templates to format lists of words, with the definitions or notes being optional. It makes it possible to change the presentation of the complete Wikisaurus at once, and postpone the discussion an what the best presentation should be.

--Dan Polansky 07:26, 3 September 2008 (UTC)


I am reposting a past discussion on templates, so that the page can be freed from discussion sections (--Dan Polansky 10:04, 2 September 2009 (UTC)):

{{ws header|}}

The header styling is very malleable, the only input parameter is the word which the entry features, beyond that the sky is the limit. I was very autocratic about everything included at present, so there should be some discussion of color and styling at the least. This template can be used to test color schemes if anyone cares to. - TheDaveRoss, 30 May 2006

{{ws beginlist}}

ws beginlist reflects the contents of wse, so the debates ought to be tied together as it pertains to content. Styling, however, is up for debate. The current coloring and padding is stolen from the main page, an attempt for cohesion across the site. - TheDaveRoss, 30 May 2006


Currently {{ws||}} includes a link to the main namespace entry, the Wikisaurus entry and a brief sense definition or note section, titled "Sense". The only solid item is the Wiktionary link, which I think everyone will agree ought to remain, the others are up for debate, as well as the posibility of including more information in the template. - TheDaveRoss, 30 May 2006

As always, I seriously and strenuously disagree. My study of the thesauri on the net brought me to one strong, unbreakable conviction. It is far, far more important for us to have a word lead to it's page than to wiktionary. The model you keep suggesting is used over and over. Nearly every thesaurus out there uses it and it is the one thing that makes them unusable. There is absolutely no way to break out of the mental box of the person who added the synonyms for that word.Amina (sack36) 20:35, 11 September 2008 (UTC)

{{ws sense}}

This template was hasty at best, I am not sure how to best highlight the sense definition of the individual sections, please add input and experiments. - TheDaveRoss, 30 May 2006