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December being the tenth month under the old style calendar used until 1752 and and decem meaning ten in latin, is the roman numeral for ten, thus the abbreviation.

Proper noun[edit]


  1. (obsolete) Abbreviation of Xember.
    • 1890, London and Middlesex Archaeological Society, Transactions of the London and Middlesex Archæological Society:
      Southampton House, 12th Xemb., 1662. To Sir Ralph Freeman, Knt., and H. Slingsby, Esq., Master and Worker of his Majties Mint wth in the Tower of London ...
    • 1897, The Parish Register of Christ Church, Middlesex County, Va., from 1653 to 1812:
      Mr John Batcheldor Departed this Life 4th Xemb & was Buried at home the 7th Xemb 1685.
    • 1998, Rosemary Corley Neal, Tidewater to Texas: The Scurlocks and Their Wives:
      The record of his marriage in the Register of Christ Church Parish, Middlesex Co., reads as follows: "Nicholas Payne of London & Mary Hackney Native Marryed 17th Xemb [Dec] 1687."

Usage notes[edit]