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Alternative forms[edit]


From Ancient Greek ζωή (zōḗ, life), a calque of the Biblical Hebrew name חַוָּה (khavá, Eve). It was the name of a third century martyr venerated in the Orthodox Church.


Proper noun[edit]


  1. A female given name.
    • 1907 Francis Marion Crawford, Arethusa, BiblioBazaar,LLC(2009), ISBN 1110782713, page 67:
      "Zoë!" The high-born girl repeated her own name in genuine astonishment. / "Yes," replied the negress. "Rustan is very affectionate. He says that I am his Zoë, his "life", because he would surely die of starvation without me."

Usage notes[edit]

  • Used in English since the nineteenth century and currently quite popular. It was also in Percy Jackson "The Titans Curse"