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ʼa- (unspecified person object prefix) + -Ø- (3rd person subject prefix) + -ł- (classifier, causative)-leeh (imperfective stem of root -LĮ́Į́ʼ, “to become”)



  1. he/she is putting on an event, throwing a party
  2. he/she sets a price, establishes a value
    bą́ą́h ashłeehI set a price on it
    bą́ą́h aleehit acquires a value
    bą́ą́h ílį́it costs
  3. (with bee ) he/she is approving it, agreeing to it (as a contract or proposal)
    bee lą aséłį́į́ʼI approved it


Paradigm: Momentaneous (Ø/si)

The si-Perfective seems to be a characteristic of the root more than an aspectual distinction.

IMPERFECTIVE singular duoplural plural
1st person ashłeeh iidleeh daʼiidleeh
2nd person íłeeh ohłeeh daʼohłeeh
3rd person ałeeh daʼałeeh
4th person ajiłeeh daʼjiłeeh
Unspecified - Passive A Passive B
Spatial - aleeh -
PERFECTIVE singular duoplural plural
1st person aséłį́į́ʼ asiidlį́į́ʼ daʼsiidlį́į́ʼ
2nd person asíníłį́į́ʼ asoołį́į́ʼ daʼsoołį́į́ʼ
3rd person asłį́į́ʼ daʼasłį́į́ʼ
4th person ajisłį́į́ʼ daʼjisłį́į́ʼ
Unspecified - Passive A Passive B
Spatial - azlį́į́ʼ -