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From acīm (eyes[dat.) +‎ redzot (seeing[part.), with acīm from acs (eye) and redzot from redzēt (to see).





  1. apparently, seemingly; clearly, obviously
    acīmredzot ir kļūdathis is apparently/clearly a mistake
    viņš acīmredzot nenākshe apparently/clearly won't come
    acīmredzot tas ir pārpratumsthis is apparently/clearly a misunderstanding
    dzērām saldskābu vīnu no lielas pudeles, kas acīmredzot bija saglabājusies no pirmskara laikiemwe drank sweet-sour wine from a large bottlat that was apparently a relic from the pre-war times
    acīmredzot akmeņogles sastāv no ļoti sarežģītiem lielmolekulāriem savienojumiemcoal is clearly composed of many complex macromolecular compounds
    tā mūsu saimniecība ies acīmredzot uz augšu!so our farm is obviously/clearly going forward (lit. up)!

Usage notes[edit]

Latvian acīmredzot (and its synonym acīm redzami) has, like English apparently, two context-dependent, almost opposite meanings: “seemingly” (= “from what can be seen”, “not necessarily true”) and “obviously” (= “easy to see”, “true”); cf. Russian очеви́дно (očevídno).