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acknowledg (third-person singular simple present acknowledges, present participle acknowledging, simple past and past participle acknowledged)

  1. Obsolete form of acknowledge.
    • 1588?, Robert Browne, “A Reproofe of Certeine Schismatical Persons & Their Doctrine Touching the Hearing & Preaching of the Word of God” in Cartwrightiana, ed. Albert Peel and Leland Henry Carlson (1951, published for the Sir Halley Stewart Trust by Allen and Unwin), page 228
      If anie do dislike the superstitious & needles cærimonies in ordination & yet also acknowledg that the Byshops may call, authorise, trie, confirme, & warrant by testimonie the sufficiencie of ministers / what greuous synne is it.
    • 1638, Declinator and Protestation of the Arch-Bishops and Bishops of the Church of Scotland, 21 Nov 1638:
      We acknowledg and profess, as becometh good Christians and faithful Subjects, that his Majesty hath Authority, by his Prerogative Roial, to call Assemblies [...].
    • 1700, Matthieu Souverain, Platonism unveil'd: or, An essay concerning the notions and opinions of Plato, s.n., pages 89–90:
      Why ſhould we not acknowledg at the ſame time, that the over-curious Platoniſm of the ſame Fathers has led ’em into thoſe extravagant Deſcriptions, whereby they have made a ſecond God, a Perſon of the Word or Logos, a Son begotten before Ages, and incarnate in time?