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adjudg (third-person singular simple present adjudges, present participle adjudging, simple past and past participle adjudged)

  1. Obsolete spelling of adjudge.
    • 1677, Richard Allestree, The Art of Contentment[1], page 120:
      Gods deſign in giving us the Scripture was to make us as happy as our nature is capable of being ; and the Scripture is excellently adapted to this end : for as to our eternal felicity , all that believe there is any ſuch ſtate , muſt acknowledg the Scripture chalks us out the ready way to it : not only becauſe ’tis dictated by God who infallibly knows it , but alſo by its preſcribing thoſe things which are in themſelves beſt ; and which a ſober Heathen would adjudg fitteſt to be rewarded.