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From after- +‎ see.


aftersee (third-person singular simple present aftersees, present participle afterseeing, simple past aftersaw, past participle afterseen)

  1. (transitive, uncommon, obsolete) To see or witness after the fact or event; see in hindsight or retrospectively.
    • 1847, Sir Nicholas Harris Nicolas, Memoirs of the life and times of Sir Christopher Hatton:
      [...] of Durham if he will come, or send his brother to enter as one authorized for such a matter, and so to carry it away without delay; and cannot Mr. Cox see, or foresee, or aftersee what cause or colour might work such alteration?
    • 1849, Neil Walker, Thomas Craddock, The history of Wisbech, and the fens:
      It is very different to foresee and aftersee.


Derived terms[edit]