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Alternative forms[edit]


From Old Irish aithis (reproach; disgrace).



aithis f (genitive singular aithise, nominative plural aithisí)

  1. slur, reproach
  2. shame, disgrace
  3. (uncountable) sarcasm
    • 1899, Franz Nikolaus Finck, Die araner mundart, Marburg: Elwert’sche Verlagsbuchhandlung, vol. II, p. 21:
      əs bĭøg mə jŕān əŕ ə dinə šin, mar tā šē l̄ān g æhəš.
      conventional orthography: Is beag mo ghreann ar an duine sin, mar atá sé lán d’aithis.
      I have little love for that person, because he’s full of sarcasm.


Derived terms[edit]


Irish mutation
Radical Eclipsis with h-prothesis with t-prothesis
aithis n-aithis haithis not applicable
Note: Some of these forms may be hypothetical. Not every
possible mutated form of every word actually occurs.

Further reading[edit]

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