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Northern Sami[edit]


From allat +‎ miella +‎ -laš.


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allamielalaš (not comparable)

  1. with an attitude of superiority, arrogant
  2. vain
  3. contemptuous


Even a-stem, žž-čč gradation
Attributive allamielalaš
Nominative allamielalaš
Genitive allamielalačča
Attributive allamielalaš
Singular Plural
Nominative allamielalaš allamielalaččat
Accusative allamielalačča allamielalaččaid
Genitive allamielalačča allamielalaččaid
Illative allamielalažžii allamielalaččaide
Locative allamielalaččas allamielalaččain
Comitative allamielalaččain allamielalaččaiguin
Essive allamielalažžan

Derived terms[edit]

Further reading[edit]

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