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Irregular back-formation from ambassador.


ambass (third-person singular simple present ambasses, present participle ambassing, simple past and past participle ambassed)

  1. (humorous) To engage in the professional work of an ambassador.
    • 1913, John Kendrick Bangs, "To Marse Tom and Meh Lady", The Bookman, Volume XXXVIII, page 114
      How fruitless attempts to involve us in war With HIM to AMBASS and with HER to ADOR.
    • 1917, John Kendrick Bangs, Half hours with the Idiot, Little, Brown, and Company, page 4
      The home of an American Ambassador should express America not the country to which he is sent to Ambass.
    • 1914,, Association men, Volume 39, YMCA of the USA, page 361
      Politics, graft, war, sport and scandal are aired in turn, but the "ambassador" fails to ambass — the "worker" fails to work — the "messenger" makes a mess of it.
    • 1961, Ilka Chase, The Carthaginian rose, Doubleday, page 51
      ... cut off from their governments and obliged to rely on their own wisdom, knowledge and experience, when they had, in a word, to ambass. Nowadays they pick up the phone and the State Department, for better or worse, tells then what to do.
    • (Can we date this quote?), Will Rogers, Will Rogers speaks (1995), →ISBN, page 21
      I have always maintained there was something wrong with Ambassadors, as none of them seemed to ambass properly.
    • 2001, Peter David, The Rift (2001) (Star Trek: The Original Series Book 57), Simon & Schuster, →ISBN, page 161
      "Therefore," said Kirk, [] "Shipping her back in box is not one of the options, [] this will require the skills of an Ambassador. So you're going to have to [] Ambass."