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From English and.



  1. Pronunciation spelling of and.
    • 1878, George T. Ferris, The Great German Composers[1]:
      Veil, mein friendts, andt how vags the vorldt wid you, mein tdears?
    • 1871, William Dean Howells, The March Family Trilogy, Complete[2]:
      When the time gome dat dis iss a free gountry again, then I dake a bension again for my woundts; but I would sdarfe before I dake a bension now from a rebublic dat iss bought oap by monobolies, and ron by drusts and gompines, and railroadts andt oil gompanies."
    • 1902, Frederick James Crowest, Musicians' wit, humour, & anecdote[3]:
      [] I know not who I wouldt waitd for, over andt above mine oldt rival, Master Dom [] .

Usage notes[edit]

  • Suggesting a German or similar accent.