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From aste (week) +‎ lehen (first), literally beginning of the week. See astearte (Tuesday) for more details.


  • IPA(key): (Southern) /as̺teleen/, [as̺.t̪e̞.le̞.ẽ̞n]
  • IPA(key): (Northern) /as̺telehen/, [as̺.t̪e̞.le̞.ɦẽ̞n]


astelehen inan

  1. Monday
    Synonym: ilen


Declension of astelehen (inanimate, ending in consonant)
indefinite singular plural
absolutive astelehen astelehena astelehenak
ergative astelehenek astelehenak astelehenek
dative asteleheni astelehenari astelehenei
genitive astelehenen astelehenaren astelehenen
comitative astelehenekin astelehenarekin astelehenekin
causative astelehenengatik astelehenarengatik astelehenengatik
benefactive astelehenentzat astelehenarentzat astelehenentzat
instrumental astelehenez astelehenaz astelehenez
inessive astelehenetan astelehenean astelehenetan
locative astelehenetako asteleheneko astelehenetako
allative astelehenetara astelehenera astelehenetara
terminative astelehenetaraino asteleheneraino astelehenetaraino
directive astelehenetarantz astelehenerantz astelehenetarantz
destinative astelehenetarako astelehenerako astelehenetarako
ablative astelehenetatik astelehenetik astelehenetatik
partitive astelehenik
prolative astelehentzat

Coordinate terms[edit]

Further reading[edit]

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