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awesome +‎ -est



  1. (informal or nonstandard) superlative form of awesome: most awesome
    • 1885, M. L. O'Byrne, Art M'Morrough O'Cavanagh, Prince of Leinster: An Historical Romance of the Fourteenth Century:
      "The awesomest ever I seed, by the Mass!" exclaimed the falconer, Dick Grundy, joining them. "I'm all in a muck with the heat, and the scruging, and the dust;—but what 'll it be to the morrow?"
    • 1906 July 1, American Thresherman, volume 9, number 3, page 7:
      Viewed at closer range, and internally, denuded of the fantastic, it is only what it poses to be, the deepest, awesomest, grandest fissure in the world.
    • 1919 March 1, The Delineator, volume 94, page 52:
      And the seasons came, and the seasons went, and then they came again, and it was Erry Yom Kippur, the eve of the greatest and holiest and awesomest day in the year, the day of atonement.
    • 2014, Gaby Triana, Summer of Yesterday, page 52:
      I'm just going to enjoy this until I wake up, and then I'm going to write it all down as the awesomest, most vivid, wacky-packy dream I have ever had in my entire life.