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From Ottoman Turkish بویله‎, from earlier bunlayu, Old Turkic 𐰉𐰆(bu, this) + 𐰞𐰖𐰆(-lAyU) (similative suffix). Compare öyle (like that), şöyle (like that).


  • IPA(key): /ˈbœj.lɛ/
  • Hyphenation: böy‧le


böyle (comparative daha böyle, superlative en böyle)

  1. such; like this (that, these, those)
    Böyle insanlarla yaşamak istemiyorum.I don't want to live with people like these/those.



  1. so; in this way; like this (that)
    Mektuplarımı hep böyle yazarım.I always write my letters like this/in this way.
  2. in this level, so ... as this
    Böyle bir sevmek daha önce görülmedi.There has never been seen a love as great as this.
  3. When added to sentences which contain Wh-Questions, it means surprisement or disfavour
    Bu geç saatte nereye gidiyorsun böyle?Where are you going at this late hour?

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