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baggs (third-person singular simple present baggses, present participle baggsing, simple past and past participle baggsed)

  1. Alternative spelling of bags (lay dibs)
    • 2005 Celine Spengeman, The Four Faced Liar: The Mystery of The Shandon Clock,[1] Trafford Publishing, ISBN 9781412075145, page 147,
      In Simon’s house he and Rebecca were having a fight about who should put the angel on the tree.
      “It’s not fair Simon, I baggsed it before ya. D’ya remember last year, you put it up. Now it’s definitely my turn.” Rebecca felt defiant.
    • 2007, Anne Enright, The Gathering,[2] Black Cat, ISBN 978-0-8021-7039-2, page 87,
      I had baggsed, on a whim, Ada’s swatches and books of cloth and they seemed such useless objects by the light of day that I pushed them into a bin on the street.