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Variant of bamboozle, possibly influenced by confuse; see Cassell's Dictionary of Slang.


bamfoozle (third-person singular simple present bamfoozles, present participle bamfoozling, simple past and past participle bamfoozled)

  1. (colloquial) To confound; to perplex.
    • 1899, Mayne Reid, “Chapter XLIV, A New and Terrible Enemy”, in The Rifle Rangers, F. M. Lupton Pub. Co., page 294:
      "'I kin see no other chance, cap'n, than ter take the water: we may bamfoozle the houn's a bit, if thar's good wadin'.'"
    • 1902, Simon Miltimore Dufur, “Chapter XIV”, in Over the Dead Line, Free Press Association, page 176:
      "'Bamfoozle de hounds and may def cut off dare scent.'"
    • 1919, The Southwestern Reporter, vol. 211, West Publishing Co., page 46:
      "Then why try to fool and flimflam and bamfoozle a jury of Jackson county men?"