banker's draught

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banker's draught (plural banker's draughts or bankers' draughts)

  1. (Britain) Alternative spelling of banker's draft
    • 1786, The Annual Register, or General Repository of History, Politics, and Literature[1], page 34:
      The ſeſſions ended at the Old Bailey, when twelve convicts received ſentence of death, among whom was Samuel Burt, for the forgery of a banker's draught of 100l. who had been recommended to mercy by the jury, his conduct having evinced ſome degree of inſanity.
    • 1814, David Hume, Supplemental Notes to Mr. Hume's Commentaries on the Law of Scotland Respecting Crimes[2], page 12:
      [...] if any clerk or servant, or person employed as such, by any individual or body politic, shall fraudulently embezzle, secrete, or make away with such money, goods, bond, bill, note, banker's draught, or other valuable security, so coming into his possession, he shall be deemed to have feloniously stolen the same from his master, and shall suffer transportation for a term not exceeding fourteen years.
    • 1901, Herapath's Railway Journal[3], page 470:
      [...] accept, draw, or endorse any promissory note, bill of exchange, banker's draught, cheque, dividend warrant, or other such like instrument; and any such instrument shall be signed, accepted, drawn, or endorsed by such person or persons as the board shall from time to time appoint for that purpose.
    • 2009, Aran Lewis, Donkey[4], page 221:
      Raising his clipboard as a preacher might raise his bible, he reminded Charlie of his duty to the Crown, and demanded the monies outstanding, in full, in cash, banker's draught, or negotiable securities.


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