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Old Irish[edit]


From Proto-Celtic *bandyo- (drop), loaned from a source akin to Proto-Slavic *baňa (bath), Latin balneum (bath), all from Ancient Greek βαλανεῖον (balaneîon, bath).[1] Also compared is Proto-Indo-Aryan *bindúṣ (drop, particle, globule), but Matasovic rejects this.[2]

Brittonic cognates include Middle Cornish and Breton banne (drop).

Alternative forms[edit]


bannae m

  1. drop
  2. (medicine) pustule


Masculine io-stem
Singular Dual Plural
Nominative bannae bannaeL bannaiL
Vocative bannai bannaeL bannu
Accusative bannaeN bannaeL bannuH
Genitive bannaiL bannaeL bannaeN
Dative bannuL bannaib bannaib
Initial mutations of a following adjective:
  • H = triggers aspiration
  • L = triggers lenition
  • N = triggers nasalization

Derived terms[edit]

  • bannán m (small drop, droplet)


  • Middle Irish: bainne


Old Irish mutation
Radical Lenition Nasalization
bannae bannae
pronounced with /v(ʲ)-/
Note: Some of these forms may be hypothetical. Not every
possible mutated form of every word actually occurs.


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