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From be- +‎ busy.


bebusy (third-person singular simple present bebusies, present participle bebusying, simple past and past participle bebusied)

  1. (transitive) To make busy; occupy.
    • 1914, George Washington Patterson, History of the class of Niniteen-hundred and fourteen:
      The coherence, said to be typical of Yale classes, comes with a Rush. But it is not yet February 22. To continue: the unrated, as distinguished from the unruly, bebusied themselves with furbishing the barren abodes of DurIn Front of Durfee, Farnam, [...]
    • 2006, AF finally came today.....,
      I'll bebusy myself over the next couple of months between my surgery & since we have a contract on the house we'll be selling some stuff & then moving.
    • 2008, Charlotte Brontė, Margaret Smith, Jane Eyre:
      “I mean, on the contrary, to bebusy.”