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From be- (about, over) +‎ cry.


becry (third-person singular simple present becries, present participle becrying, simple past and past participle becried)

  1. (transitive) To cry about; cry over; lament; bemourn.
    • 1909, Harrington Sainsbury, Drugs and the drug habit:
      Wisdom, becried on either hand, will steer very nicely a middle course between these extremes; allowing here, forbidding there.
    • 1985, Américo Castro, Willard F. King, Selma Margaretten, The Spaniards: An Introduction to Their History:
      "The Sun becried its death" — it rained during that fiesta celebrated on 4 May [...]
    • 2003, John A. Smith, Little Fish Big Pond:
      It is not in me to becry inequality in this scrying place I have often sought, yet never acknowledged If belief is futile and desire our burden, I shall find it hard to fly again.
    • 2010, Renee Wildes, Lycan Tides:
      “I look around, an' ev'rywhere my eye falls becries ye. Ye're ev'rywhere in this place.”
  2. (transitive) To accuse.
  3. (transitive) To bewitch.