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From be- +‎ dream.


bedream (third-person singular simple present bedreams, present participle bedreaming, simple past and past participle bedreamt or bedreamed)

  1. (transitive) To dream about.
    • 1840, The Literary Gazette and Journal of the Belles Lettres, Arts, Sciences, Etc.:
      0 learned John, but thou art grown fantastic As a romancer! though art quite bedream'd, []
    • 1901, Morrison Heady, The double night and other poems:
      I had only to turn it, the soul's own image to see there: — Beauty that might bedream the sleep of a youthful immortal! []
    • 1978, Ralph Friedman, Tracking Down Oregon:
      In the last verse there is hope — a prayer of hope — that in his new-found liberation he will create again: But lo, in this pathway of duty, To the past, I, at least, can be true, And the mists that bedream it with beauty []