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From be- +‎ dumb. Compare Middle English adumbien, from Old English ādumbian (to become mute or dumb, keep silence, hold one’s peace).


bedumb (third-person singular simple present bedumbs, present participle bedumbing, simple past and past participle bedumbed)

  1. (transitive) To make or render dumb, or mute.
    • 1901, Herbert Trench, Deirdre wed and other poems - Page 39:
      These make no rustle save Some pine-cone dropt, or murmur that condemns Murmur; bedumb'd with moss that giant nave.
    • 1902, Frederick Strange Kolle, Pen lyrics - Page 11:
      Let not the melancholy past / Bedumb your hardened ears; [...]
    • 1964, John Holloway, The lion hunt: a pursuit of poetry and reality - Page 18:
      Our disease is not smugness, but the anxiety that bedumbs the singer.