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be- +‎ flag


beflag (third-person singular simple present beflags, present participle beflagging, simple past and past participle beflagged)

  1. To decorate with a flag or flags; to hang a flag or flags on.
    • 1846, George du Maurier, Peter Ibbetson, London: J.R. Osgood, McIlvaine, Part 6, p. 373,[1]
      It amuses me to think by day, when broad awake in my sad English prison, and among my crazy peers, how this nightly umbrageous French solitude of mine, so many miles and years away, is now but a common, bare, wide, grassy plain, overlooked by a gaudy, beflagged grand stand.
    • 1892, Robert Louis Stevenson and Lloyd Osbourne, The Wrecker, Prologue,[2]
      All other folks slumbered and took their rest: Vaekehu, the native queen, in her trim house under the rustling palms; the Tahitian commissary, in his beflagged official residence []
    • 1949, Derek Kartun, Tito’s Plot against Europe, London: Lawrence & Wishart, Chapter 9, p. 62,[3]
      Apart from the beflagging of streets and the organisation of processions and festivities, the idea was to make the security arrangements so prodigious and so inconvenient that the extreme importance of the Marshal’s person would be forcibly impressed upon the minds of the people of Budapest.
    • 1992, Jeff Torrington, Swing Hammer Swing! New York: Harcourt Brace, Chapter 14, p. 124,[4]
      What she was experiencing was an absence of sounds in general, not my own peculiar distinction of noises no longer heard: the screeching of pulley-wheels as rainyday washings rose to beflag the ceiling; the thump of doors closing []