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From be- (at, over, around) +‎ gaze.


begaze (third-person singular simple present begazes, present participle begazing, simple past and past participle begazed)

  1. (transitive) To gaze at.
    • 1843, J. W. Robberds, A memoir of the life and writings of the late William Taylor of Norwich:
      I had not leisure to see our friend Masclet, who is prefect there; I could only run along the rampart and begaze the site of Lord Nelson's misemployment.
    • 1995, Peter Ben Jones, The blue, the leaning-down blue:
      When the high wind volleyed And guardian the moon was I was castled in quietness Begazed and slurred I was And I heard I heard the myriad thrill Of holy and boon Of the whisper of the lieder In the philosophic strings.
    • 2012, Avram Davidson, Ursus of Ultima Thule:
      One slow moment as the spearmen tensed, faces drawn, teeth fixed in lower lips, aslant their fearsome eyes begazed him, pale their faces though they so many and he but one; [...]