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From be- +‎ lull.


belull (third-person singular simple present belulls, present participle belulling, simple past and past participle belulled)

  1. (transitive) To lull about; lull all over; lull completely.
    • 1992, Joan Larsen Klein, Daughters, wives, and widows:
      [...] the noon with a luscious repast, the afternoon with a play or a pallet repose, the evening with a wanton consort, accoutred with a rear-banket, to belull the abused soul with the sleep of an incessant surfeit.
    • 2008, Herman Melville, Hershel Parker, Harrison Hayford, Clarel:
      But as in haven fringed with palm, Which Indian reefs embay from harm, Belulled as in the vase the wine — Red budded corals in remove, Peep coy through quietudes above; So through clear olive of the skin, [...]