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be- +‎ merd


bemerd (third-person singular simple present bemerds, present participle bemerding, simple past and past participle bemerded)

  1. (rare, transitive) To befoul with excrement.
    • 1926, Eric Rucker Eddison, The worm Ouroboros
      And he and his, standing close beneath the wall, and little expecting so sudden and ill an answer, fared shamefully, being all well soused and bemerded with filth and lye. Therewith went up great shouts of laughter from the walls.
    • 1968, Anthony Burgess, Enderby Outside
      ...he felt, having soundly and legitimately bemerded that face in imagination...
  2. (rare, transitive, figuratively) To tarnish or slander.
    • 1897, The New Review
      ...they are produced in great abundance, with the twin objects of inducing electors to abstain, and of bemerding candidates of all parties.
    • 1977, The Landsmen
      The State gets irritated by such childish people, hunts them down and robs them of love, bemerds their dignity and honor, and puts signs on them...
    • 2004, Christopher Hitchens, Love, poverty, and war: journeys and essays
      ...namely, that it's irrational, random, and befouled and bemerded with the residues of ancient cruelty and superstition.
    • 2004, Peter Wollen, Paris/Manhattan: writings on art now the colossal fabric of Scientific Utilitarianism, offspring of a distorted and epileptic steam-mania, has bemerded us with its panting slime...