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Alternative forms[edit]


From Middle English bishiten, bischiten, from Old English besċītan (to befoul), equivalent to be- +‎ shit. See also beshite.



beshit (third-person singular simple present beshits, present participle beshitting, simple past and past participle beshit or beshat)

  1. (transitive, possibly vulgar or offensive) To soil with excrement; shit all over.
    • 1562, John Heywood, The Proverbs, Epigrams, and Miscellanies of John Heywood[1], page 89:
      He looked like one that had beshit the roast.
    • 1714, Jonathan Swift, "Ode, to Music. On the Longitude":
      ...So Ditton and Whiston may both be bepissed on
      And Whiston and Ditton may both be beshit on.
      Sing Ditton beshit on, and Whiston bepissed on.
      Sing Ditton and Whiston, and Whiston and Ditton,
      Beshit and bepissed on, bepissed on and beshit on.
    • 1760, Thomas Brown, “Advice to Dr. Oates”, in Works Serious and Comical in Prose and Verse[2], page 243:
      Your heart must need be grip'd and full of stitches,
      And you may well thro' fear beshit your britches.
    • 2003, Jim Harrison, Off to the Side:
      Man has an inexhaustible ability to beshit his environment, with politicians well in the lead.
    • 2010, Howard Jacobson, The Making of Henry, →ISBN, page 12:
      He will beshit himself in a public place.