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From be- +‎ spangle.



bespangle (third-person singular simple present bespangles, present participle bespangling, simple past and past participle bespangled)

  1. To cover something with spangles.
    • 1648, Robert Herrick, “Corinna’s Going a Maying”, in Hesperides, or The VVorks both Humane & Divine, London: Printed for John Williams, and Francis Eglesfield, [], →OCLC; republished in The Poetical Works of Robert Herrick, London: William Pickering, [], 1825, →OCLC, pages 91–92:
      Get up, get up for shame, the blooming morne / Upon her wings presents the god unshorne. / See how Aurora throwes her faire / Fresh-quilted colours through the aire; / Get up, sweet slug-a-bed, and see / The dew bespangling herbe and tree.