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From be- +‎ water.


bewater (third-person singular simple present bewaters, present participle bewatering, simple past and past participle bewatered)

  1. (transitive) To water about or all over; cover, douse, or fill with water; make wet; water; hydrate.
    • 1871, Robert South, Sermons preached upon several occasions:
      A piece of brass may as easily melt, or a flint bewater itself, as the heart of man, by any innate power of its own, resolve itself into a penitential humiliation.
    • 1906, Country life:
      For ten days my wife and I fed this mile, every two hours by day, and three by night, wi'h drops of cow's milk, sugared and bewatered.
    • 1912, William Morris, May Morris, The Collected Works of William Morris:
      [...] unto my chamber aloft now will I go And lie on the bed that knoweth the wailing of my woe, With many a tear bewatered since the day Odysseus fared With Atreus' sons to Ilios.

Derived terms[edit]