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From be- +‎ wrinkle.


bewrinkle (third-person singular simple present bewrinkles, present participle bewrinkling, simple past and past participle bewrinkled)

  1. (transitive) To make or put a wrinkle (or wrinkles) in; furrow; fill with wrinkles.
    • 1821, The Kaleidoscope: or, Literary and scientific mirror:
      [...] if I were to assert that it can either rend or write; the sneer of contempt would soon bewrinkle, or the stare of surprise would distort, the countenances of my readers.
    • 1905, Elsie M. Wilbor, Steele MacKaye, Delsarte recitation book:
      The old lady did not immediately reply, her head dropped a little on one side, a broad smile bewrinkled the lower part of her well-worn visage; [...]
    • 1939, Teachers' Union of the City of New York, The New York teacher:
      Must I bewrinkle my brow, grow crow's feet under my eyes?

Derived terms[edit]