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Alternative forms[edit]

  • Algonquin:
    • Cuoq: pokotcic
  • Manitoba Saulteaux: pōkiciš
    • Ontario Saulteaux: pookicish
  • Baraga:


  • boogid/ᐴᑭᑦ
  • -yiN- (vii to vta transformation suffix)
  • transformation of terminal -N- to -zh


boogijizh (transitive animate) (ᐴᑭᒋᔥ)

  1. to fart at somebody
  2. to spray at somebody (as a skunk does)

Usage notes[edit]

In other dictionaries:

  • Baraga:
  • Cuoq:
  • EOCOD: 078a-06.3
  • CDMO:

Derived terms[edit]


  • unaffected: ᐴᑭᒋᔥ (boogijizh)
    • unaffected with syncope: ᐴᒋᔥ (boogjizh)
  • initial change: ᑆᑭᒋᔥ (bwaagijizh)
    • initial change with syncope: ᑆᒋᔥ (bwaagjizh)
  • reduplication: ᐹᐴᑭᒋᔥ (baaboogijizh)
    • reduplication with syncope: ᐹᐴᒋᔥ (baaboogijizh)
  • initial change reduplication: ᐹᐹᐴᑭᒋᔥ (baabaaboogijizh)
    • initial change reduplication with syncope: ᐹᐹᐴᒋᔥ (baabaaboogijizh)

Other Syllabic forms

  • Fully pointed mixed-finals: ᐴᑭᒋᔥ
  • Fully-pointed Eastern A-finals: ᐴᑭᒋᔥ
  • Common Eastern A-finals: ᐴᑭᒋᔥ
  • Unpointed Eastern A-finals: ᐳᑭᒋᔥ


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