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  1. (rare) plural of braggadocio
    • 1857: Terence, Edward St. John Parry, Comoediae sex, p111
      Kings are stock characters in plays as well as slaves and braggadocii.
    • 1890, Charles Wentworth Dilke, Greater Britain: A Record of Travel in English-speaking Countries, page 132:
      Every fellow that you meet upon track near Stockton or Austin City, walks as though he were defying lightning, yet this without silly struts or braggadocii.
    • 1849–1852: Peter Lund Simmonds & William Henry Giles Kingston, Colonial Magazine and East India Review, p230
      The second volume consists of a gossiping set of letters from Florence, on art and artists, in which occur many sensible remarks with much trash and braggadocii.