buckle cavity

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Due to the substitution of the correct buccal (of or pertaining to the cheek or mouth) with its homophone and etymological relation buckle (fastening metal rim).


buckle cavity (no plural form attested)

  1. Malapropistic misconstruction of buccal cavity
    • 1975: R. G. Chambers, Cancer of the Head and Neck: Proceedings of an International Symposium, Montreux, Switzerland, April 2–4, 1975, page 177 (Excerpta Medica; ISBN 9021903016, 9789021903019)
      The patient is also asked to swallow his own saliva after two weeks of the operation by efficiently closing the buckle cavity.
    • 2003: Jack Rootman, Diseases of the Orbit: A Multidisciplinary Approach, page 424 (Wolters Kluwer Health; ISBN 9780781715126)
      We have experienced a single case of a Rathke’s pouch cyst, which is a rare choristoma derived from a diverticulum of the embryonic buckle cavity (Fig. 11‒14).
    • 2007: Manorma Sharma, Special Education: Music Therapy, Theory and Practice, page 6 (APH; ISBN 8131302725)
      Immanent sound in the human body is grouped into five types on the basis of its quality of development from the root of the naval to the cerebrum and the buckle cavity of the mouth through the heart and the throat.