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Mid 16th century borrowing from Middle French cavité or Late Latin cavitās, from cavus (hollow, excavated, concave) +‎ -tās (-ity, nominal suffix).



cavity (plural cavities)

  1. A hole or hollow depression in a solid object.
    Hyponyms: microcavity, minicavity, nanocavity
    1. (anatomy) A hollow area within the body.
      Hyponyms: abdominal cavity, body cavity, buccal cavity, chest cavity, endocavity, exocoelomic cavity, haemal cavity, nasal cavity, oral cavity, orbital cavity, pleural cavity, thoracic cavity, tympanic cavity
  2. (dentistry) A small or large hole in a tooth caused by caries; often also a soft area adjacent to the hole also affected by caries.
    Synonym: caries
    Jim got two cavities filled at the dentist's office yesterday.


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