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bump +‎ -ity



  1. Nonce variation of the word bump, usually indicating the sound of someone or something tumbling down an uneven surface, or traveling on a rough road.
    • 1833, Horace Smith, Gale Middleton: A Story of the Present Day, page 229:
      "There he goes!" cried his delighted master, throwing down the poker and snapping his fingers in an ecstasy — "Bumpity bump! bumpity bump! Hope he won't stop at the landing-place — no — off again! All stone steps!
    • 1998, R. Kiernan, chapter 1, in Silk:
      Daria closed her eyes, exhaling slow smoke through her nostrils, listening to the bumpity sound of wheels on the polished cobblestone unevenness of the street.
    • 2002, Marian Keyes, Under the Duvet, page 193:
      The rhythmic bumpity, bumpity, bumpity bump of a pissed academic with arthritic knees falling down the stairs, ricocheting between wall and banister as he went.
    • 2011, Amy Seidl, Finding Higher Ground: Adaptation in the Age of Warming:
      Bang, bang, bumpity bump, I hear as spruce cones fall on the metal roofing of my woodshed.