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From Latin candēlae, plural of candēla.


candelae (rare)

  1. plural of candela
    • [1949, “Some New Terms in Photometry and Illumination”, in Light and Lighting and Environmental Design, “The Candela”, page 155, column 2:
      The form of the plural, too, calls for consideration. The Latin is candelae and the Italian candele, but candelas has already been used officially in Belgium and will probably be used in France. It will almost certainly be preferred in this country and in America, where candelae would be deemed pedantic.]
    • 1964, Sölve Stenström, Optics and the Eye, pages 31, 32:
      The luminous intensity of this source of light has been defined as 60 candelae per cm2 in the direction of the normal to the surface. [] Nowadays however, candelae per m2 are often used as the unit for luminance.
    • 1971, Symposium on Electroretinography: Proceedings of the 7th Symposium of ISCERG, September 14-18, 1969, page 23:
      Fig. 1 / The visual recovery in the dark after pre-adaptation to 15.5×103 photopic candelae /m2, as studied in the Goldmann and Weekers’ adaptometer.
    • 1982, Duane’s Biomedical Foundations of Ophthalmology, volume 2, →ISBN, “Luminous Intensity”, page 9, columns 1–2:
      Candelae are calculated on the basis of a perfect or “ideal blackbody” irradiation equal to solidifying platinum at a temperature of 2042 K. The luminous intensity of such a system is 60 candelae/sq cm when measured []




  1. nominative plural of candēla
  2. genitive singular of candēla
  3. dative singular of candēla
  4. vocative plural of candēla