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Possibly a shortening of carcass + it. Apparently not related to cark (to worry).


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cark it (third-person singular simple present carks it, present participle carking it, simple past and past participle carked it)

  1. (UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, slang) To die.
    The guy was running, then he had a heart attack and carked it.
    • 1989, Kathy Lette, Girl′s Night Out[1], →ISBN, page 86:
      He′d always bragged about carking it before he hit twenty. When he turned twenty, he escalated the date of his demise to twenty-five.
    • 1998, Barry Westburg, Glenda & Me & Meathead Go For Broke: Rage of Angels: Expatriate Tales, page 74:
      If I hit the little shit too hard his parents could even sue me. There′s a fine line between self-defence and pure and simple mayhem. The little bastard might even cark it.
    • 2010, Betty Webb, The Koala of Death[2], page 10:
      “Hi Bill. Zorah told you about Kate?”
      “That she carked it? Yeh.” Translation: That she died. Yeah.
      He flapped his hand in a go-away gesture and started toward the koalas, but not before I saw a haunted look in his eyes. Did he still care for Kate?