carry weight

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carry weight

  1. To be handicapped by an extra burden, as when one rides or runs.
  2. To have influence.
    Your excuses don't carry weight with me.
    • 1948 Rollo H. Myers, Erik Satie, D. Dobson, p31
      When M. Paladilhe was elected my friends said to me: 'Never mind; later on he'll vote for you, Maestro, and his support will carry a lot of weight'. I never had his vote, nor his support, nor his weight.
    • 2002 Elizabeth Moynihan, Destiny's Whisper, Writers Club Press, p376
      Manning Senior carries a lot of weight around here, he has a lot of friends; a lot of professional clout and can obviously get things done just barely within the lines of legality.
    • 2010 Gordon Ryan, American Voices: State of Rebellion, p247
      A recommendation from him carries a lot of weight around here.

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