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  1. plural of ceilidh
    • 1916: A. Sinclair et alios, The Celtic Monthly: A Magazine for Highlanders, vv. 24–25, p73; with the same passage also found in:
    • 1934: John MacCormick, The Island of Mull : An T-eilean Muileach : Its History, Scenes and Legends…, p164 (A. Maclaren)
      …ancestors in this hard-fought engagement, and all the details of it are recited with minute exactness around the fireside during the winter ceilidhean.
    • 1930: William Mackenzie, Skye Traditions Reflections and Memories, p32 (A. Maclaren & Sons)
      These happy and informative ceilidhean are past, and we are the poorer. Staffin Inn, which is now “ dry,” was and still is usually designated An Tigh Ban,…
    • 1953: The Department of Anthropology of the Catholic University of America, Anthropological Quarterly, vv. 50–51, p140 (Catholic University of America Press)
      But in an older informant’s memory, ceilidhean became less frequent after World War I. She recalled that the women decided they should have some form of…
    • 1972: Gaelic Society of Inverness, Transactions of the Gaelic Society of Inverness, v. 47, p84 (The Society)
      The event proved that most of those who loved to attend ceilidhean, to attend the Mods and join in the chorus of “Suas leis a’ Ghaidhlig” were not prepared…