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Old French[edit]


From Late Latin cellārium (pantry), from Latin cella.


celier m (oblique plural celiers, nominative singular celiers, nominative plural celier)

  1. cellar (underground storage area)
    • circa 1200, author unknown, Aucassin et Nicolette
      Por vos sui en prison mis
      dans ce celier sousterin
      For you, I have been put in this prison
      in this underground cellar
    • circa 1250, Rutebeuf, Ci coumence li diz de l'erberie:
      se vos n'aveiz vermeil, preneiz de la bele yaue clere: car teiz a un puis devant son huix qui n'a pas .I. tonel de vin en son celier.
      If you don't have red [wine], take some beautiful clear water: For any person that doesn't have a barrel of wine in their cellar has a well in front of their door.