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  1. (colloquial) plural of château
    • 1966, Samuel Chamberlain, 'Bouquet de France: an epicurean tour of the French provinces[1], page 455:
      "Very active at the moment is “Les Relais de Champagne,” a group of sixty-four hotels, auberges, châteaus, and manor houses scattered all over France."
    • 2005, Kevin Zraly, 'Windows On The World Complete Wine Course 2006[2], page 110:
      "Well, I'm sorry to shatter your dreams, but most châteaus are not like that at all."
    • 2005, James Salter, 'There & Then: The Travel Writings of James Salter[3], page 90:
      "The green Michelin called Châteaux of the Loire is the other essential volume. ... There is even recommended reading and a list of the châteaus that have son et lumière — sound and light — performances."