chuck a sickie

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A more slangy variant of throw a sickie.


chuck a sickie (third-person singular simple present chucks a sickie, present participle chucking a sickie, simple past and past participle chucked a sickie)

  1. (slang, Britain, Australia, New Zealand) To take a day off from work feigning ill health.
    • 2010, Veechi Curtis, Lynley Averis, Bookkeeping For Dummies, Australian & New Zealand Edition, page 180,
      For example, if an employee chucks a sickie, you need to check that they have enough sick leave available.
    • 2010, Eve Brenac-Mooney, Kaleidoscope, Ebrem, Australia, 2012 EPUB edition, unnumbered page,
      I wished I could chuck a sickie, but it was only my second day at Forest Glen, so that was out of the question.
    • 2012, Mike Pomery, Tangent[1], page 33:
      “Fuck it,” I say flippantly. “I′ll chuck a sickie.”
      A mischievous grin works its way into her features. “Sounds brilliant,” she muses. “I′ve been trying to convince you to use up some of your sick leave for ages now. What an odd change of heart. Are you sure you are feeling normal?”